Water Transfer Nail Art

Nail art is all the rage right now.  Water transfer art is the easiest way to get beautiful designs without a lot of work.  It's easy.  You will need:
-A cup of water to dip design in.
-Tweezers to hold the design in water.
-A dry paper towel.
-Clear top coat.

(On clean, dry nails)

1. Select your design.
2. Carefully cut out the design you'd like to use on your nail.  It's best to cut around it with some room.  Don't worry about being exact.
3. Using a pair of tweezers, gently grasp the edge of the design and dip and hold in water for a moment.  Once the paper moistens, the image will gently release from the paper. REMOVE THE DESIGN FROM WATER BEFORE it lifts from the paper.
4.  Gently push the design from the paper to the nail you wish to decorate.
5. Let it sit for a moment, and carefully BLOT dry with dry paper towel.
6. When image has dried on nail and is no longer movable, cover with clear topcoat.

The process is similar to temporary tattoos.  It will not flake off your nail if you use a top coat.  Unlike temporary tattoos, you do NOT place the image with the paper side up onto the nail.  You REMOVE the image from the paper FIRST, then place it on the nail.