Luxe Single Shadows

Our new eye shadows are amazing! 

Look at all of the reasons you're going to love them:

-These beautiful single shade pans are cruelty-free and vegan (unless otherwise noted) 
-Paraben free (unless otherwise noted)
-Gluten free (unless otherwise noted)
-Propelyne Glycol free (unless otherwise noted)
-Color payoff is high with minimal shedding. 
-Long wearing and gorgeous color for all skin types. 
-This silky-smooth product will glide on and leave you feeling like the goddess you were meant to be.
-Earth-conscious.  We don't like to have a bunch of useless packaging.  Our pans are meant for use in a magnetic palette- or keep them in their thin clam shell protective packaging. This way, waste is reduced and if you're anything like us, you sure could use the extra room in your makeup drawers.  Clam shell packaging stacks nicely and is 100% recyclable.
If you want to use the eye shadows in a magnetic palette, simply pop it carefully out of the clam shell and pop it in to a magnetic palette.  Our pans are standard round 26mm and work with most magnetic palettes.  Or grab one of ours HERE.

Our single shadows are a little more expensive than others out there- but they're worth it.  It's not what's IN them, but what's not in them that makes them more costly.  Sourcing and selling a greener, healthier product is not always the cheapest thing to do.  Add in superior performance, and here we are.  Our shadows are right in line with health and animal conscious indie brands, and just a bit more expensive than the bigger drugstore brands that aren't so health conscious.

Ingredients for each shadow are listed in each individual product's respective listing.