Please read about pre-orders BEFORE purchasing.

**We keep pre-orders in a different category all together.  They are NOT cross-listed to avoid confusion.  You will only find them in this category until they have arrived in stock.***

These items are currently on pre-order or are due to arrive in store.  Each item description will provide an estimated date of arrival in our warehouse. An estimate is NOT a guaranteed arrival date, it's a guideline, and can fluctuate.

Pre-orders are available for purchase, but please order them separately from in-stock products whenever possible to avoid having your entire order delayed.  We will not ship partial orders.

Customers may elect to pre-order a backordered product to reserve it from the expected shipment. This is especially helpful for colors and styles that sell out quickly.

Pre-orders are not refundable.

When you order a pre-order item, you are agreeing to these terms.