Acrylic Dip System

Why acrylic dip?  
-Dip colors don't chip like nail polish.  The color is solid through and through.
-Dip layers a strong acrylic to the nail, making the nail stronger and less likely to bend or crack with the acrylic on.
-We like clear acrylic dip as an option to layer over our nail polish strips too!  Some top coats make our strips buckle and crack.  Acrylic dip doesn't do that, and it protects the polish below.

-Do Glitterati nail polish strips stick to acrylic dip?  

-I only see a few colors.  How many colors will you have?
We plan to launch colors seasonally- growing our variety as we go.

-Will you offer starter sets or kits?

-I want to buy lots of colors to try before I commit.  Will you offer sample sizes?