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Contact information:
GENERAL INFORMATION: info@shopglitterati.com
ORDER RELATED QUESTIONS:  orders@shopglitterati.com
REWARDS PROGRAM: rewards@shopglitterati.com
AFFILIATE SUPPORT: support@glitterati.com

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Glitterati Branded NAIL POLISH STRIP FAQ

Q.  What are Nail Polish Strips?
A.  There are many different kinds of nail polish strips.  Some examples are vinyl, paper, and lacquer.  Our Glitterati branded strips have a 100% nail polish layer.  (With the exception of the HOLO and Metallic foils which are not polish) Nail polish can be made of many different chemicals. There isn't just one formula for nail polish.

Our strips (as well as many other brands) use a quick dry adhesive to hold the strip on your nail.

Q. What are the ingredients in Glitterati Nail Polish Strips?
A.  Nail polish can be made with many ingredients.  The Glitterati branded strips are nail polish (with the exception of foil, holo, and metallic strips) with adhesive.  Ingredients as represented to us by our manufacturer on the nail polish strips are on the packaging.

Q. These sound so cool. Are they stickers?  How is this real nail polish?
A. The polish strips are manufactured in a way that the polish is printed on a peel-off backing with an adhesive (like a sticker) and allowed to cure (dry) almost completely.  A plastic sheet is placed on top to protect the polish and adhesive from drying completely.  Then the strips are sealed in an airtight plastic pouch- keeping them locked in the moist state until you're ready to use them!  Cool, right?

Q. What kind of nails can Glitterati Polish Strips be used with?  Acrylic? Gel? Solar?
A.  Glitterati Nail Polish strips can be used with all types of nails.  Natural, acrylic, gel, solar, UV.  They can also be used with any kind of top coat- standard or UV.
Because our polish strips are just like the nail polish you paint on, you can use them just like regular polish- on any kind of nail.

Q. Are your Nail Polish Strips wet?
A. The way they are manufactured, the strips are printed with real nail polish and allowed to cure for a short time.  The layers of polish are then covered with a thin plastic film and sealed in an airtight pouch until you're ready to use them.  The strips aren't wet but aren't completely set- allowing you to place them easily on your fingernails.  Peel off the plastic protective layer after you peel the strip from the backing, then apply to your nails.

Q. Do they need time to dry?
A. No.  Once you have placed the strips on your nails, they will require a little time to set in place but are not wet to the touch.  After about 20 minutes, they are completely set- but you don't have to worry about them smearing or scratching until they do.  Please don't cook, apply lotions, or get hands wet while setting.  Any oils on hands and nails will not allow the strips to set.

Q. Do you recommend any special treatment to make the nail polish last longer?
A.  We do recommend applying one or two layers of a clear topcoat or acrylic over the polish strips to make your manicure last and last.  However, this is not required.  We will also offer a clear polish strip for purchase!  
Please note: SOME TOP COATS DESTROY OUR STRIPS!  We don't know why it happens, so please make sure that before you use any new top coat on your finished nails that you try one first to see the result.  When you find one that works, use that one consistently.

Q. How long will Glitterati Nail Polish Strips last?
A. Our nail polish strips last between 7-14 days on average once applied- depending on how rigorously you use your hands.  To extend the life of your manicure, we suggest applying a topcoat or acrylic layer on top of the strips after application.
Strips WILL CHIP just like regular polish if you aren't mindful of them. Chipping is not a defect.

Q. I have unused strips left over. Can I save them?
A. YES!  We find all sorts of awesome ideas for creating adorable and fashionable looks from unused strips.  Make sure you place them IMMEDIATELY in an airtight bag and try to use them as soon as possible.
We have had good results in testing with strips that have been stored appropriately well after one month.  
Also, keep strips away from extreme heat or cold.  Heat can cause them to dry out or melt and cold can cause them to crack.

For your convenience, we do sell mini heat sealers to reseal your bags!  

Q. Is there a certain way to prep my nails before application?
A. Yes.  Your nails should be clean and dry before application. Use an alcohol pad to take off any lingering oil or dirt right before application. Let the alcohol dry before application.

Q. Are Glitterati Strips vegan?  
A. Our products are vegan in nature, (meaning we don't use animal products or byproducts in their manufacture, however, we do not have vegan certifications, so we are unable to legally represent them as such.
Why don't you have the certifications?  It's EXPENSIVE and very time-consuming!

Q. Are Glitterati strips free of harmful chemicals?  
A.  Our manufacturer represents they are "10 Free" meaning our strips do not have any of the following chemicals: Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenyl Phosphate, Parabens, Acetone, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP. and Camphor.

FURTHERMORE, our manufacturer has been issued a recent certificate of inspection by SGS. (April 11, 2018) The nail product strips were tested for the following chemicals: Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Antimony, and Soluble Nickel.  All results indicated that none of these chemicals were present in our finished nail strip products.  This is a certification we and our trusted manufacturer are very proud of. Should you require any further information pertaining to this test, please send an inquiry to info@shopglitterati.com

Q. Yep, these are great, but how do I take them off?
A. Some people can peel them off with a little effort.  They can be removed with basic nail polish remover.  Basically- no extra effort is required to remove these.

Q. Can I wear these in the tub? Swimming? Hot tub?
YES!  Just like real liquid polish, once they are on, they are set!  Enjoy life!  We would recommend you let them set completely before bathing or swimming just to be safe.  (About 20 minutes)

Q. What ages are safe to use Glitterati nail strips?
A. Glitterati believes in the responsible use of all cosmetic products.  That means that we can not recommend use on persons under the age of 16.  If applying a nail or cosmetic product on children, take care that the child is not at risk for ingestion of the product.  Children often put their fingers in their eyes and mouths.  Where our chemicals that are used are considered safe for external use, and non-toxic- we would never wish for them to be accidentally eaten by anyone.  Parents must determine if their child is of the appropriate age for this product themselves.
When writing in, we will not advise you either way.  If you would use traditional nail polish on a child, you would probably use our product- but that decision is yours to make.

Q. Are these pet-friendly?  
A.  As we stated above for the use on children, there is nothing here that isn't safe for EXTERNAL use.  Our products have not been animal tested.  That being said, if you choose to use them on the claws of a non-chewing pet, do so on your own.  We can't guarantee your pet won't eat them.

Q. Can I use Glitterati Nail Polish Strips on my toes?
A. YES!  Application and prep are the same for your feet.  Avoid putting your feet directly into socks or shoes until fully set.  Friction will reduce wear time.


Q. What is acrylic dip?  
A.  Acrylic dip is a powder similar to acrylic powder that is used in salons to build a false nail.  Instead of forming the nail with a brush and sculpting to build a nail, a base liquid is applied to an already long nail, and the power is either sprinkled on the nail, or the nail is dipped into powder.
Then, a sealant is put on the dipped nail that locks the color into place, essentially creating a colored acrylic layer on the nail.  This is a longer-lasting alternative to painting your nails with traditional polish.

Q. Can I use dip color with Glitterati Polish Strips?
A. Yes!  You can!  In fact, we love to use dip OVER the strips too.  Try a clear dip to lock your strips in place for a long time!  

Q. Where are your dips made?
A. We work very closely with a manufacturer in China who has passed stringent quality control standards and consistently passes quality control and testing for dangerous chemicals.  We are committed to the highest quality products for our customers.  Remember- we use our products too!  It has to be good!

Q. What are the sizes of dips available?
A. We offer a sample size .2 oz and 1 oz full size.

Q. Do you wholesale dips and liquids?
A. Currently, we do not have wholesale pricing for dips and liquids.  For the right client, we would consider it.

Q. What is the grade of your dipping powders?
A. Our dipping powders are AAA extra fine quality- the same quality used in professional salons.  This means the powders are extremely fine with no clumps and no off-color speckles within.  The finest grain of powder means even fluidity and distribution without the risk of chunkiness.  This ensures minimal sanding and filing to achieve your end result.

Q. How many colors are available?
A. We initially released 6 basic colors.  We have plans to continue releasing colors that are in line with trend and season every month.

Glitterati Brand Nail Polish FAQ:

Q. Who makes your brand of polish?
A. We do!  We use bases produced in the USA by a certified and tested supplier who does not support testing on animals.  We create our color selection and produce the final result in house.

Q. Why are your polishes more pricey than a lot of the ones I can buy at a grocery store?
A. Our polishes are priced in line with boutique brands that offer quality, environmental, and social concerns as a focus.  Many large producers use cheaper chemicals that aren't as good a formulation.  More information on our bases in the next bullet point below.

Q. You said your polishes focus on environmental and social concerns.  What does that mean?
A.  This is a complicated, multi-part answer:

Environmental/ Health concerns are- toxic chemicals, or chemicals that are known to be hazardous to human health.  Our polishes are all 10-free base- meaning they are free from: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, fragrances.

IF our polishes have fragrance in them, they will either be noted as such- and what type of fragrance: natural, essential oil, or synthetic.  Wherever possible, we will ONLY use natural fragrance in our polish, if at all.  (This is included in the event we offer a fragranced polish.  Our standard polishes do not include any fragrance- natural or otherwise.)

Unless otherwise noted, the pigments and colorants are natural, and non-toxic to the best of our understanding. (The FDA changes the guidelines frequently as more chemicals are determined to be safe or unsafe. We will always strive to be in compliance with FDA guidelines.)

Social concerns are- Where we produce our products, vegan in nature, cruelty free, animal testing:
-We produce our polishes in the USA- by hand, in small batches.
-Our polishes are vegan unless otherwise noted.  (Some pigments might have wax or animal by-products, but we will notate that in the ingredients and descriptions)
-We do not believe in animal testing, and at the same time, we want our polishes to be safe for those who like to paint their pooch's toes.  We do not support any company that tests on animals and we want to use chemicals that are safer for use around pets.  

We will never support the needless harm of defenseless animals for the sake of cosmetics and chemical testing.


Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

A. Please see the return page on the main menu for full policy. Certain items can be returned.  Cosmetics, nail items, lingerie, bath products, and other personal care items can not due to the nature of the product and safety concerns for our staff and customers.

 Q. Pre-orders can take a long time! Why?

A. Pre-orders were our way of creating a buzz about upcoming products in store. But they are sometimes ordered over a month beforehand. Occasionally our inventory gets stuck in customs for an unexpected length of time and because of that reason, pre-orders can take longer to arrive. 

We post on the product listing when an item is expected in stock. An in-stock arrival date is NOT set in stone, and we are at the mercy of the shipper, carrier, and customs.  Please be patient. 
To keep everyone abreast of the timeline with pre-orders, we also update customers on the mailing list weekly about the status of pre-orders.

Due to the confusion some have experienced about the pre-order process, we are not continuing to offer the discounted pre-order program.

Customers that are unfamiliar with our pre-order program have become upset during the wait and at our rate of growth, we must keep all programs and offerings uniform and easy to understand. 

ALL ITEMS THAT ARE ON PRE-ORDER are only shown in the pre-order category. Please read ALL INFORMATION on each listing before ordering.  

Q. I like to support small businesses.  What kind of business are you?
A. We are a small business that is family-owned out of the Chicagoland area, Illinois.

Q. Where are your products made?
A. Our products are made all over the world including the USA.
Glitterati branded nail polish strips are made by our trusted partner in manufacturing in China. Our strips and dips are private labeled for us.
Acrylic Dips and liquids: China
Beaded Bracelets are made by hand in Illinois, USA
Glitterati Nail Polish:  Indie polish created in Chicago, and Miami, FL USA

Q. I've seen other companies with your nail strip patterns.  Are you aware?
A. Yes.  Some of our strips are our designs and are copyright protected.  Others are private label stock.  We will always pursue those that have violated our copyright.

Q. Are you related to any other companies selling similar products?
A. No.  There are other companies of varying materials and in different sales channels- retail, direct sales, and more.  We are direct to consumer and wholesale only.  We are not a Direct Sales or Multilevel Marketing Company, and will never be.

Q. Do you offer an Affiliate Program? 
A. Yes. For more information, email support@shopglitterati.com Affiliates are selected as needed and are on a cas by case basis. Influencers are encouraged to send us a media kit with their inquiry for faster consideration.  We do not guarantee all affiliate applicants will be approved.

Q. Do you have a reward program for customers?
A. Yes we do.  Please click HERE for the Reward Program Terms

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We ship worldwide! Shipping rates are closely mirrored to actual cost.  

Q. Do you custom print Nail Polish Strips?
A. YES!  We can do custom prints.  Minimums are required and you must be able to show legal authority to print certain images and graphics.  For more information, please email us at info@shopglitterati.com

Q. Do you wholesale?
A. Yes, we partner with businesses on a case by case basis.  If you would like to be considered for a wholesale account, please email us at info@shopglitterati.com

Q. I have additional questions.  Who can I reach out to?
A.  Please send all general inquiries to info@shopglitterati.com.  For more specific questions, see the contact information at the top of the page.  If your mail is sent to the wrong box, it may delay response time.

We advise customers to reach out with pressing matters via email and not social media. Our social media channels are not monitored  24 hours a day, nor do we always receive notification of a customer message. We do not guarantee a message over social media will be returned in a timely fashion.

Q. If I enter my information to order, do you share it or sell it?  Or is it secure and confidential?
A. Our site is SSL secured and we pledge confidentiality to our customers.  We would never sell or share your information.

Q. Is your site secured for shopping?  How do I know it's safe to enter my credit card info?
A. Our site is SSL encrypted. (Look at the top of our website and see in the URL- "https", which indicates a secured connection.
Also, we use Shopify Payments, Amazon Pay, and Paypal for payment processing.  Each of those also secures their data and encrypt payments.



Q. Are you a direct sales company or MLM?
A. No.  We are neither.

Q. What is an affiliate?
A. An affiliate is a person who has a unique link they use to promote the products on our website for consideration. (compensation)

Q. Can anyone be an affiliate?
A. Anyone can apply to become an affiliate but we do not accept all applicants.  

Q. Is there a cost to become an affiliate?
A. No.

Q. Is there money to be earned from recruiting affiliates beneath me?
A. No.  We are not a multilevel marketing company.  You are welcome to invite people to apply to become affiliates, but you will not receive compensation from their sales or orders.  Money is earned by your own sales and sales only.  We do not support the idea of having a "downline".

Q. Can affiliates buy product wholesale?
A. No.

Q. Do affiliates need to stock products/inventory?
A. No, and we do not want affiliates to hold inventory.

Q. How often are affiliates paid?
A. Affiliates are paid weekly via PayPal- assuming they have submitted all their proper paperwork and are entered into the system.  Affiliates are paid once a week when their accrued commissions have reached $10 or more.  We will hold the balance until it reaches $10.

Q. How do I become an affiliate?
A. Please see the page on Affiliates HERE then contact us at support@shopglitterati.com

Q. I sell similar products for a MLM/Direct Sales brand.  Can I apply to work with Glitterati too?  
A. Anyone can apply, but we do not allow reps or affiliates for network marketing companies to work with our products.

Q. Do you also have sales positions available?
A. Yes.  Salespeople are responsible for meeting sales goals and also sell into wholesale-type accounts such as retail locations.  

If you would like to be considered for a sales position, please send a resume and cover letter to info@shopglitterati.com  
Salespeople are independent contractors and work remotely from home. Our salespeople are NOT network marketers, and there are no fees to "enroll" as a salesperson. You will need to pass a series of interviews and a background check to be considered for a position.

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