Affiliate Program


Glitterati now offers an affiliate program.

Those that wish to become affiliates with our program can apply to do so by clicking the link HERE.

Within a few days, one of our affiliate support team will contact you from with next steps.  

You can also follow our Affiliate program newsletter for incentives and promotions by following this link: HERE

Please note:

-Affiliate program is open to US residents ONLY at this time.
-There is no fee to become an affiliate.  No enrollment kits, no recruiting.  We are not a direct sales company or MLM- our affiliate program is designed as a marketing program for our products and does not constitute as your "small business".  Affiliates are independent contractors offering marketing of our products in return for compensation for sales.
You are not compensated for recruiting other affiliates or for sales generated by other affiliates.
-Applying to become an affiliate does not guarantee acceptance.
-The affiliate program is only available to participants within the USA.
-You must be 18 or older and able to work in the United States to be an affiliate.
-You must abide by all rules and regulations we set forth to participate in the program.

If you are accepted as an affiliate:

-You will be required to sign an independent contractor agreement.
-You will be required to fill out all appropriate tax documents.
-You will be required to comply with our terms and rules for participation.

Affiliates earn a base of 10% commission, and up to 25% commission based on their performance.
Bonuses, prizes, and extra incentives are also offered.

The minimum sales requirement to stay active is $10 a month. Refer $10 a month in sales to maintain active status.

Affiliates are paid out weekly when they hit or exceed $10 in earned commissions.  If commission earned does not exceed $10 in one calendar month, the amount earned will be paid out at the end of the month.

Affiliates may NOT collect rewards credits and commissions for orders.  Any affiliate caught double dipping will be revoked from both programs.
Affiliates may not use our products to attack other brands or companies.  We strongly discourage comparison posts on social media.

Full terms, conditions, and rules will be provided upon acceptance as an affiliate.